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sometimes i really don’t know whether i believe in fate or not. if fate is true, meeting ron and his family tonight was fate.

i’m currently working on a little essay about the people who are camping at the fairgrounds for the illinois state fair. this includes all kinds of different people ranging from carnival workers to farmers.

last night was my first night to take a crack at it. it didn’t go too well. outside of a few nice fellows, everyone was very camera leery and even confrontational. it was a bit deflating to work for several hours trying to gain people’s trust and them continue to be rude and difficult to deal with. so, i left the fairgrounds last night at about 2 a.m. and was just tired and worn down.

then tonight i met ron and his whole family. they were the most welcoming, warm, and friendly people. they immediately trusted me and i couldn’t get them to stop offering me food. it was just a really pleasant experience, an experience i needed.

human behavior just baffles me at times. i approached the last two nights the exact same way, yet one let me in and one didn’t. i hope that as i get older and more mature i can work my way through the more difficult subjects and figure out a way to put those that are unsure a bit at ease.

here’s some pictures of ron. he works hard and is exhausted by the end of the night.

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