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Been a good while since I last posted. Been enjoying my summer so far, only a couple weeks left. These are pictures from a couple of underwater sessions with the Herrin Tigersharks Swim Team. I used a Canon 1d MkII with an on-camera flash in a ewa-marine underwater housing. It was a lot of trial and error but it was fun. To see more of my underwater pics go to my SportsShooter page at

Tyler Hicks of the NY Times discusses covering the conflict in Lebanon on NPR. It’s worth hearing:

Anonymous - 2 bubble housing

Anonymous -

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Josh - Hey man, I stumbled on your blog looking at the ewa housings. how do you like yours? would you reccomend it to other photogs? I want to do some canoing and paddling shots as well as surf shots. How do you think it would hold up?

if you want you can fire me and email

jrwebb AT dal DOT ca

cheers man.

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