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i’ve been in record store rehab since moving back to carbondale at the beginning of the year. you see, when i lived in springfield there was this holy place called recycled records that i frequented every single week (well maybe not every week, but often). i got parking tickets because i stayed in there so long. it was just the coolest place to buy records. the best part was that they were dirt cheap. like a decent record for under ten bucks. exile on main street for six or eight, i don’t remember, but it was a steal either way. but, i had to go cold turkey on buying records (one of my all-time favorite things to do), because it was getting out of hand.

so today i ventured into plaza records for the first time in a while. i got there at four and left at six. the owner and i chatted about so much; like why people don’t read the newspaper anymore and such. we talked shop about wilco, ryan adams, bob dylan, gram parsons, steve earle, etc…..and he taught me a thing or two about funk. it’s just one of those things that the big “best buy’ish” type stores can’t do for you. i’m not anti-corporate or anything like that, but it’s just sick to watch the the droves of people that go in and out of those stores to buy cds. in the meantime my record store owner friend struggles. but he does things like introducing me to neutral milk hotel and stuff like that, which is way cool. (if you haven’t heard of them stop reading my blog right now and look them up).

walked out of there with spoon’s “ga ga ga ga ga” on vinyl (and it comes with a thing where you can download mp3’s off their website so i can listen to it in my truck; snap!). also picked up patsy cline “live at the opry” and “z” by my morning jacket. pretty cool way to spend an afternoon. now it’s time to sit back, relax, and pleasure the ears.

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