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the portrait continues

well, i looking at my good pal john henry’s kitchen right now as he pours a glass of wine via ichat video. recapping on a day that was filled with going to a house fire and taking a portrait of two local prep soccer stars.

i fear my house catching on fire and have a great deal of sympathy for anyone who loses their home due to a fire. i just can’t imagine losing everything just like that and stand there helplessly while firefighters spray the house down and then take axes to the roof.

on a lighter note. had some fun shooting this soccer portrait this afternoon….portraits portraits portraits. my stomach is tied like a garlic knot when i have to shoot them. coming up with ideas on the fly makes me uneasy. these two guys were pretty good subjects though and let themselves fall on the ground several times in order for me to make the frame.

Ted McLaren - This soccer portrait is wonderful. I love the cornfield (I think?) in the background. Interesting juxtaposition. They must have been very willing to work with you to achieve this picture. Always key for a good portrait, eh? Nice.

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