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the fair is a sugarland

the fair is over. heat ridden days of sweat in the sunlight over large crowds scattering throughout the grounds eating horrible food that is overpriced overgreased so unhealthy you can feel it draining you by the end of a long day spent at this mayhem of a place that people come to enjoy themselves.

tonight was the final night. the crowd was pretty small and a few of the booths were already packing up to take the long ride home.

there was an arca race today and a sugarland concert tonight. sugarland, the word is a metaphor for the whole fair which started back in the day as an agricultural show of animals and farming equipment. there were animals but no tractors. i love tractors and was hoping to see some and maybe even climb up in a big ole’ john deere combine.

that all being said. i had a great time at the fair. but i’m worn down like the jeans and boots i’ve worn everyday i’ve gone out there these past nine days. the days off this week are going to be euphorically sweet and relaxing…..

John Henry - Diggin the race track shot max. how'd the other portrait turn out you were talkin about? shot that yet?

max bittle - i got bumped from the assignment and had to cover a play rehearsal instead. a different perspective on the portrait will only enhance the story and make the frames look different and not look redundant.


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