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following a few much needed days of rest, i was back at it today with the daily. after covering a high school football practice, i went to photograph a vietnam veteran in his very patriotic home.

dan was extremely grateful that i was there and very patient with me as i experimented with lighting and composition. i’ve never been one to take a good portrait. it’s just one of those areas in photography that i can’t seem to get down, but maybe it’s because i’m not very interested in it. well, it’s not that i’m not interested, i just like natural moments so much more.

lighting is another one of those things that i can do, but am not very good at. i get all wigged out when i’m setting up stuff and the subject is there. always feeling like i’m wasting their time. but, i’m cutting my teeth and hopefully with time it will get easier.

dan’s brother dean is also going to be in the story, so i’m hoping to photograph him this week as well. i’ll be taking a whole different approach to it and am looking forward to the shoot. any advice?

John Henry - max,

i feel you about portraits. i'm much more comfortable doing documentary stuff, and letting things slowly fall into place. whereas when i'm shooting a portrait i feel like i need to hurry, i guess when it's documentary you're not really taking their time because they're doing stuff and you're just watching? I heard German say one time he sets a predetermined amount of time with his subjects before-hand, i guess that gives you both a ease of knowing how long both are comfortable with.


max bittle - john,

that's not a bad idea to do with portraits. i think on my next one i'm going to call the person and arrange it so i can get there and spend 20-30 minutes setting up before i ask them to sit.

still learning…


Ted - Max –

I know you are a Sam Abell fan, so I have to pass on this anecdote…

He told his workshop students here recently: "I am not a portrait photographer. But I am a photographer, and therefore I make portraits."


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