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longing for summer

as of last week it appeared as if spring was here for good in southern illinois. however, it’s currently 44 degrees and the low on monday is supposed to dip under 30. this change of temperature has almost put me back in winter mode.

going through my archives today i found this picture that i took behind my childhood home last summer. it’s a scene i have witnessed many times, but only photographed once. i couldn’t even estimate how many hours i’ve spent playing in this field throughout the course of my life. running through the corn stalks and playing tag was common in my younger years. as was lighting off fireworks and playing army. now it’s walking dogs or just taking a relaxing stroll out to the woods.

after a rainstorm though is when this field is most beautiful, when the clouds head east and the setting sun comes out from the west. it creates this very surreal light and makes me think of the song “fields of gold” by sting.

Jenna - oh the cornfields. . I love this picture 🙂

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