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life’s been good

my maserati does one eight five, i lost my license now i don’t drive.

come on you know joe walsh, a member of the eagles and solo rocker. it was my second night at the state fair grandstands photographing concerts. there was no photo from last night’s show because i had to sell my soul to the artist and sign a ridiculous contract stating that i couldn’t use any of the images for self promotion without the express written consent of the artist: martina mcbride.

i have major ethical concerns with stuff like this. personally, if it were up to me, i wouldn’t cover artists with crazy contracts like that. if they are going to make ludicrous requests, then i don’t feel that we should publicize them by putting them in the paper.

walsh wasn’t so bad and i actually enjoyed the first two songs he played. it sounded a bit reggae to me, which i dug.

i was under the impression that i would be photographing the concert tonight in the same place that i did last night. so, i only brought a 400mm and a 5omm to the show. well, turns out i had to shoot right up against the stage. just thought i’d play around a bit with the 400mm.

the lighting was crazy cool (zero toning was done). it was windy and loud. and captured my mood completely.

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