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spring is in and out of the air here. we’ve had warm days and cold nights. lots of wind and rain lately. things are starting to bloom slowly.

since it is my pipe dream to one day become a professional calender photographer (smile a bit sarcastically) i had to get out and make some spring pictures. the changing of the seasons does, however, fascinate me greatly. i really dig the birth and death of nature each fall and spring. the winter and summer are only the lives of each.

in the winter everything is dead and when we’re lucky enough to get snow, it is simply a beautiful dead world. summer is a beautiful life world. but, man it gets hot and intolerable at times. you cant beat those summer nights though (isn’t that a song?).

back to my dream as a calender shooter. so, one day i will have all these pictures of all these seasons in all these different places. on that day i will make a calender of my best pictures of each season. it will be fun and make a great gift for my parents.

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