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late night fair

i’ve been at the illinois state fair past midnight for the past four nights documenting those who come and stay inside the fairgrounds.

it’s been an interesting experience. i’ve met some of the nicest people who were very warm and welcoming as well as those that were the complete opposite.

i shot a good deal of frames, maybe a thousand or so. i didn’t get any really intimate moments though, which frustrates me. it makes me wonder how i could have approached some scenes differently and maybe gone from all of the photos from the outside looking in, to those from the inside showing the true character of these people. i didn’t make one photograph inside a trailer.

it’s all a learning process that’s an awful lot of fun….

Thomas Boyd - Thomas Boyd said…
These are some really nice images. Don't think for one second you didn't kick butt on this. For me, the guy sleeping with his cattle IS from the inside.

Ted McLaren - The scene with the ferris wheel in the background, cloud going overhead amid the livestock stalls… is eerily beautiful. Nice job Max.

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