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sometimes i wish my dreams were real. other times that the reality were only a dream.

the reality can weigh too much on the mind. where as dreams simply navigate throughout the subconscious each and every night when we fall asleep. they are gone upon awakening, never to be had again. sometimes it can be disappointing to wake up and realize it’s just a dream. sometimes it’s a relief to realize that you aren’t falling.

do dreams matter though? and why? is it the mind trying to tell you what it is that you really think and feel? or, are they just fogged visions of things we can’t bring ourselves to do in reality?

the real question though, is whether you can make the reality a dream? those rare times in life when you can step back and realize that life is a never ending dream of good and bad. what a wonderful gift. the free will that life gives each and everyone is so astounding to think about. we have the ability to choose and make of ourselves what we want.

John Henry - It is beautiful, to wield the power to mold our lives into absolutely anything we want. All we have to do is jump..

… jump.

Roger Darrigrand - I hate my subconscious. it takes up 98.3% of my brain and pays shitty rent.

you should check out Joseph Campbell's Hero of a Thousand Faces for way to much thought into dreaming/freewill/and the monohero. Although I don't really remember much of it… stupid subconscious holds it all hostage and only feeds me bits and pieces usually when I didn't ask in the first place.

max bittle - roger,

isn't that part of doing what you love? i feel like ignoring your true thoughts would lead to unhappiness.

i read this thing about the formation of magnum one time that said they all agreed to starve before they would do something other than documentary work.

while it may not pay much, it's the love of the craft that keeps up going.

is this what your were tapping into in your comment?

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