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helter skelter

decisions can make us and brake us. but, most importantly, they inevitably shape us.

can a decision be a failure though?

listening to the dylan album bringing it home he states “there’s no success like failure and failure’s no success at all.” so i guess i shouldn’t be afraid to fail.

well, i’ve decided to, in a true newspaper man’s fashion, give myself a deadline. a deadline to decide what exactly i’m going to do this upcoming spring semester when my time in springfield is cached.

currently i’m slated to go study abroad in austria. but, i have no secret stash of ben franklin’s and don’t know that i can afford the tuition and living costs for 5 months in europe without any coin coming in (i.e., i wouldn’t be working while i’m over there).

it’s either that option or a few others, maybe apply for some internships? maybe just go do something. i want to move to maui really bad, but i’ll need a few roommates to be able to afford the rent. i don’t know.

i’m going home this next week though and will ponder the future over coffee and maybe even a few american spirits in my favorite local coffeehouse.

John Henry - So what's it gunna be Bittle?

Don't be afraid of failure in whatever you do. Each road you take, whether it might not feel like the right one at the time, will teach you something in the end. Something about yourself. Just be sure to listen.

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