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half made frames

i went out for a feature today and stopped at this beautifully colored building that i’ve been eying for quite a while.

walking up to the scene i became really anxious because it looked like a scene out of alex webb’s hot light/half-made worlds book. which is one of my favorites that i’ll be buying soon.

i got all butterflies in the stomachy and started working the scene. it was an auto shop and there were just folks lingering all around and a guy waxing his truck.

anxiously looking at my take back at the office i realized that the frame just wasn’t there. it was one of those scenes as a photographer your dream of.

in talking with some co-workers i assume that i totally overworked the scene. but, fortunately, the people there were really nice and said i’m welcome back any time.

if at first you don’t succeed try again right?

Kevin German - Damn straight, you try again. Such an almost picture. I love your excitement though. Thanks for making me smile today bud.

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