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sometimes i take myself way too seriously when i make pictures of my friends. i don’t know why i do it. maybe it’s simply because i want to have good pictures of them. but, in being all serious about it, i sometimes don’t enjoy the time i spend with them because i’m thinking about making pictures.

well, now i’ve decided to have more fun with the pictures of my friends. not worry too much about the pictures, but more about the experience.

so, with that in mind, i’ve got this idea floating around about making a short film. for the past couple of days i’ve taken some video with my old point and shoot. when i have enough clips, i’ll debut my ode to film noir. i think i’m going to call it scary faces and places. it’s going to be part horror too.

this is my first still from the project. it is my pal michael and this is probably the first picture of him not smiling. he’s seriously one of the most genuine people i’ve ever met, just one of those all around good fellows.

more to come, please stayed tuned. now i’m going to do some research on film noir. hopefully the maltese falcon can provide some inspiration. sam spade is just so cool.

John Henry - Max, I am so stoked to see this.

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