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i went home for the past few days. i love home, love my family, love my friends. it was nice but, not as relaxing as it was intended to be.

i finished up a book, drank lots of coffee and went to some places that i hadn’t been in a while. celebrated mom’s birthday tuesday night. caught up on entourage since i don’t have a t.v. here in springfield.

took care of some class issues, online course stuff that is. dropped two of those classes. ate lots of biscuits and gravy. bought some good cds; josh ritter’s new one and wilco and billy brag’s mermaid ave. vol. 1.

got the bob dylan documentary “no direction home.” gonna finish that tonight.

got one more dvd. used. a great flick. the one and only…………fear and loathing in las vegas.

which in turn leads me to tonights photo. it is of a good friend of mine, derek anderson. derek is a great photographer and person.

he also digs mr. hunter s. thompson and is an advocate for the advancement of gonzo journalism.

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