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art for empowerment

i saw a presentation put on tonight that discussed the idea of “art for empowerment.”

it’s a pretty interesting concept in which the artist expresses feelings in a creative sense. the theory is that by creating something it makes the artist feel for emotions that need to be let out.

so instead of punching a wall, paint a picture or create something. take anger and other feelings out in a creative way. this will help the artist emotionally and help the viewer understand the work of art as well as its creator.

i’m going to try it when i get some free time and a canvass. i’ve never painted anything, but it should be a satisfying and possibly relieving exercise.

Devin Miller - For someone who is interested in writing songs and an artist, it shouldn't seem so novel to write/shoot/paint express the pain, laughter and joy of life, dontcha think? It is the essence of creation, at least for the artists I admire.

Also, I dig your blog, but don't take yourself so seriously. I feel the need for a Lexapro after reading it.


max bittle - devin,

we're in the same boat here i think. i'm all about the means and not the ends in the creative process. if the goal is in the end result, then what will happen to the artist once they reach that? thanks for the comment.


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