Hello, thanks for stopping by my site. I’m a husband, father, & friend first, but I make a living as a professional photographer and web designer. I’ve been taking pictures now for more than ten years and designed websites for the past four.

I’ve worked all across the country as a photographer in a number of different capacities. My background mostly consists of editorial photography, however I have done a fair share of commercial, tourism, and non-profit work as well.

On the web design side, I’ve worked to design and develop numerous websites for a wide variety of clients. The vast majority of my website development work has been for non-profit companies and regional businesses.

Fun Facts about me:

  • Love vinyl records
  • Have an original Woodstock t-shirt
  • Espresso fanatic
  • Home brewer
  • Fan of all things vintage
  • Ate ribs with President Obama (long before he was POTUS)
  • Played catcher in my baseball days
  • Love old & well-worn boots
  • Live happily with my wife, son, & great dane.