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Monthly Archives: May 2010

Gig: Details

My good buddy Devin Miller played a show at PK’s in Carbondale while I was home. It was blues show with a pretty diverse crowd and an amazing vibe. It was a great gig. Devin and I have spent countless nights singing and jamming in his basement. (He’s one of only a handful of people […]

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TED Talks by Photographers

The folks over a PetaPixel have compiled a list of 14 TED Talks given by photographers. It’s a diverse collection featuring National Geographic greats Frans Lanting and David Griffin as well as James Nachtwey. All in all, the talks leave you feeling pretty inspired. Click HERE to watch the talks.

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Tea Party Rally on Tax Day

The Tea Party movement gained momentum in yesterday’s primaries. Rand Paul, son of Texas congressman and former Presidential candidate Ron Paul, won the Republican Senate nomination in Kentucky. He convincingly defeated Trey Grayson, the established Republican candidate in the race. I photographed three Tea Party rallies back in April. Here are some picture from a […]

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May Day

I went out to this really cool alternative school to photograph May Day a few weeks ago. All the kids were dressed in white and wore homemade head dresses. The teachers were very sweet and it made for just a wonderful early morning assignment.

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Down Home: Bonfire

I’m back home in southern Illinois for the next week and a half. It’s always an interesting feeling coming back here. The sights, smells, sounds, and people are all overly familiar. My roots here run deep and it will always be home. Last night I went to a bonfire at an old farmstead on my […]

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