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Monthly Archives: March 2008

drawing circles

i’m convinced that life is a series of circles. i mean theoretically it is. lots of circles and spinning happens everyday. the moon circles the earth. the earth circles the sun. i don’t know if the sun circles anything. but, i’m sure it’s doing some spinning up there. but yea, experiences circle around too. the […]

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a looming may day

been thinking more and more lately about that graduation day. important life decisions will most likely be made between now and then. decisions that will determine my path for next few months or even years. here’s picture of my friend ryan, who also graduates this semester, as we pondered over the future this past week.

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finger rock

we drove through a crazy snow storm this evening. after it was all over we got off of the interstate and took a state road through the middle of nowhere…..

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vacation started

drove out to lawrence, kansas yesterday to meet up with my good buddy john henry. we’re getting ready to pull out for steamboat springs colorado for a couple of days of snowboarding on some fresh powder. here’s mr. henry cutting a rug last night on the dance floor at the jazzhaus.

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wonderful weather

a little over a week ago a really bad ice storm came through southern illinois. campus was shut down for two days. it was cold and i wanted to do nothing more than drink coffee and listen to npr all day. today though temperatures were in the low 70s, which is really rare for this […]

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