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where the bling comes from

this is where i work. isn’t it scary cool and awesome. it’s like a scene from a comic book or something, i’m just waiting for that guy to pop out from behind the shadows.

soon a whole evening will be spent walking around and photographing this building from various viewpoints. la la la.

but yeah, it’s totally scary and goth. there’s only one thing that would make this building more cool and that’s gargoyles. could you even imagine? like if there were 10 of them perched way up high overlooking bellingham (gotham).

more to come……


Ted McLaren - It looks like a scene from a 40's film or even a noir film. Bogie is just around the corner.

max bittle - i know. i was holding onto the falcon tight. and i could have sworn that i saw lauren bacall walking ahead of me

katie - i'm SO excited! (despite the horrorish-ness of it)

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