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what it must have been like

i’ve often longed to have been a young adult in the 1960s. there was just such a massive amount of happening happening.

the experience last night was probably the closest i will ever come to anything like the 60s. several times throughout covering the marches and rallies and gathering i just stopped, stood still, took deep breaths, and soaked it in. it was wonderful and serene. there was just this amazing “thing” in the air and to see some many people so emotional and taking to the streets was quite amazing. i can only imagine was chicago must have been like.

it was a truly wonderful experience and i feel so fortunate to have had the opportunity to document history in the making. sigh, breath in…..dang, it was incredible.

this is by far my favorite photograph in a long time. to me it just sums it all up and has sort of a timeless feel to it.


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