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so i’m moving along with things and thinking i’m going to get start on these papers. then……bam! i’m caught in the web (internet). that spider got me again.

i’m bouncing all over it. reading, listening, researching, and such. nothing school related, just randomly navigating myself around. watching the daily show, listening to npr, looking up joyce carol oates, stuff like that.

and the procrastination continues. the web is like the biggest catch 22 in the history of mankind. example: i need the internet to do research, but all the other things on there pull me away from the research that needs to be done. i need it, yet it is the downfall of all my studies that could have been wrapped up hours ago. without it, i would be asleep right, but without it, i wouldn’t be able to research the things i need to….i.e. maine state parks.

it’s a crazy and impersonal being that internet.

i’ve recently vowed to learn how to draw. starting with still life. here’s a sketch of my record player and some chairs in my living room, this is the scene i’ve been staring at for hours. i know it doesn’t work right (the lines aren’t all there), but i’ve got to start somewhere. by publishing it here i can be accountable though. hopefully they will improve in detail and reality with time.

edyta - i have the same kind of problem with the internet. i had 3 papers due tuesday and there i was, browsing etc. it gets you pretty good.

John Henry - cheer up partner! man, think about all these FIRSTS you're going to be having over the next few months. first road trip as a college graduate, first job after college, i bet there'll even be a first when a college asks you to come and speak in their photography department

dig on the drawing too man!! keepitup

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