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we live in a digital age and we’re definitely not ever going back to analog. in doing this though, we have lost sight of the hard copy so to speak. i have taken so many pictures of friends, family, trees, oceans, rivers, mountains, etc. all this pictures are nothing but ones and zeros in my hard drive.

in a quest to make things a bit more tangible i have started to go through the archives and pull out pictures for printing. walgreens has made it so easy to upload pictures and then pick them up at the store and hour later. i love it. the quality of the 4×6’s isn’t too bad either.

so i was going through my stuff from europe. it’s funny how my taste in pictures has changed.

this picture was taken on thanksgiving day 2006 in rome. directly behind me the sun was setting over the colosseum. my friend and i sat down next to this man and ate my most memorable thanksgiving meal, pizza and gelato.

looking at this frame makes me want to write. just write for the sake of writing. being in school i get my fare dose of writing, but it’s all for homework and i don’t really enjoy it. from now on i’m going to start writing more.

Kevin German - It frees your mind, like photography frees your heart. Write.

max bittle - totally man, it amazes me how good it feels just to write and get things off my mind. it puts me in a much more peaceful state.

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