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Sorry, it’s been awhile

Been two weeks since my last post. If anyone checks this regularly I apologize for the long absence. I’ve been busy, however it has been with school and sports. I keep getting more and more restrictions at prep games. Getting a good second base slide is even tough from where they have me positioned.
Anyway, here are some pictures from the last week.
This shot is from a construction site. I was driving home after shooting a softball game about a week ago and I saw the folks moving around inside of the house that was just beautifully lit. Most of the siding had been put on the house but there were a few places were the 6 o’clock light was just streaming in. I tried focusing on this young guy with all of these tattoos and his shirt off. I knew that if he walked in the right spot I would have a good picture. I followed him around for a few minutes and made this frame right before the crew left the house. All in all I probably had 10 minutes to shoot and I was happy with what I came away with.
Next we’ll go to play practice. Shooting backstage at plays, musicals, ballet, etc. is one of my favorite assignment. I can hang out with a cast for hour backstage in the beautifully low light. So when I heard that we were doing a preview story for the Herrin High School’s upcoming presentation of “Harvey,” I jumped on the assignment. People involved with theater are some of the greatest people I ever meet. They are so fun and full of laughs and life. (My dream is still to move to Hollywood and try and be an actor). I didn’t really take many pictures of the actual rehearsal as the audience would see it. As always, I tried to show the readers something a bit different and thought provoking. Luckily, I have a publisher who’s not afraid to take photographic risks every now and then and ran the horizontal photo of the head peaking out. I saw this other frame immediately when I went backstage. I thought it had a 1930s feel to it.
Primary elections were held this past Tuesday. As a photographer this is a somewhat tough assignment. Most people are shot and bend over into the voting booths which makes it difficult to make pictures of them. Then when you do get a picture of someone I would say it’s 50/50 on whether or not they will give me their name. However, in this particular frame the woman was very nice and kindly gave me her name and told me that she was not in support of the alcohol referendum on the ballot.

Anonymous - I love the photo of the girl looking out from back stage.

Phil Greer

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