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s. dakota

so what’s there to do in south dakota? there’s this awesome place called wall drug. they advertise on the interstate for like 500 miles. inside is this huge cheesy touristy store and restaurant. but, it rocks.

i got coffee for a nickle a cup. they had a cowboy boot store that was out of this world. there were a few pairs that were pushing a grand. the men’s boots were way too conservative for my taste though. i’ve been wanting some really cool boots with roses or something to go along with some fancy colors.

for lunch it was a buffalo burger, some fries, and a homemade fried doughnut.

oh yea, and mount rushmore is also in south dakota…….

b-ran - i'm so jealous… not of mount rushmore where i've never been…

but a nickel for coffee??

it must be heaven

max bittle - rushmore is cool….you need to get out there. but, one can only stare at a mountain for so long.

Grant - Wow, I've never been before. Kinda disappointing to see how small it is in relation to a real person from the observation deck. You always see the tight shot.

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