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the international route 66 mother road festival, or something along those lines, hit the city this weekend.

blocks and blocks of colorful automobiles from all generations lined up neatly along the sidewalks. their proud senior citizen owners sitting behind them in lawn chairs. and of course the onlookers and spectators who look at the cars, maybe it was a ’55 bel air they took out on their first date, possibly for the younger folks in the crowd, it was the car they grew up in, mom and dad’s maybe?

so many stories attached to all of those beauties. their is a certain nostalgia to old cars. i look at them and take deep breaths, wishing i had been alive when they were in the hay day. i wish i cold have taken a date to the drive in movie theater in a thunderbird convertible to see rebel without a cause. (today, sept. 30 marks the 52nd anniversary of james dean’s death).

it makes me wonder what life was like in the days of black and white tv. no blogging, no internet, no hustle and bustled lifestyles. relaxed people, or at least i imagine they were.

i photographed teen star frankie avalon tonight. you may know him as the dude that sings beauty school dropout in grease. it was so much fun. just some good old fashioned bee bopping.

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