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MORP, or Prom backwards

Two weeks ago, when the temperature was five degrees, there was to be a dance at Herrin high called MORP. Well, needless to say the cold temperatures caused the dance organizers to reschedule.
I went into this assignment with very little knowledge about the dance itself. I try to be very prompt on time, however, I know high school kids never show up to these things on time. So, I showed up 15 or 20 minutes after the dance was slated to start.
All dances are lame in the beginning, at least that’s what I’ve gathered in the many dances that I’ve gone to (my first dance was over 10 years ago when I was in 6th grade). So it was not surprising to me that nobody was doing anything for the first hour.
I wandered around, talked to a few kids here and there, and tried to get a feel for the event. I also wanted to make as many people as I could comfortable with my presence.
The whole idea for this dance is to be anti-prom. Girls are supposed to ask the guys and the couples are supposed to wear matching casual outfits. As I wandered around I quickly noticed a kid with a mohawk. To me that screamed out anti-prom and I immediately struck up a conversation with him. I shot him and his buddies for a while and the photographs just didn’t turn out like I had intended.
Toilet paper was hanging all around the dance floor and I knew that I would spent the bulk of my time photographing through it and trying make interesting compositions. I had made a few pictures looking through it maybe only one that I was somewhat happy with.
Then, I noticed this guy, whom I had already spoken with earlier in the night, stuffing toilet paper all over himself. I worked the scene for only a few minutes and made some pictures that I was happy with.

I don’t use flash that often, however, I wish I did. I think it is one of the most useful tools that a photographer possesses. If done right it can work absolute wonders. Check out and for wonderful examples of flash photography.

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