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morning thoughts

morning is coming later and later everyday. a few days ago it was 10, then 11, and today noon. waking up this late really irritates me, but what can you do when bedtime goes from 3, to 4, to 5 in the morning? i’ve been able to catch the first hour of morning edition lately before falling asleep.

each year i wait awhile and let the anxiety build before checking my final grades online. i got just was i expected overall, yet the classes were all mixed around. i got one a, four b’s, and two c’s. one of those c’s i expected in another class that i got a b in. oh well, i’m in good academic standing. now, once this online class is done i will be officially graduated.

i’ve got a blank canvass to start with, literally and figuratively. casey got me a painting kit and i can’t wait to work on it this afternoon. i’ve got twelve different colors, a wide mix of brushes, and three blank 11″x14″ canvasses. stay tuned, hopefully the painting will be up by sun down.

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