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for years now my favorite movie has been “a river runs through it.” there’s just something nostalgic about that movie that gets me every single time i watch it. at the end i’m always sitting there watery eyed and short of breath as the credits roll. it’s happened at least half a dozen times.

today i drove through montana and saw the state for the first time. all i could think about was that beautiful water running through all of the mountains. it was one of the most marvelous things i have ever seen. i didn’t get the chance to shoot many pictures of the water and the ones i did make didn’t turn out too well. but, i have now seen it in person and that’s plenty for me.

one day montana will be a destination for my travels, not a just another state on the road to somewhere else. i want to spend weeks there just roaming around on a a motorcycle. all back roads, water, and mountains.

currently in washington and am super excited to get to my new hometown of bellingham tomorrow sometime.

Anonymous - Max, it's c-ville joe. Getting a chance to visit your blog, and as always, love it. Just met a guy named Ara doing what you described: . Have a great time with your new home. Enjoy the new job, as i'm sure you will. Cheers, joe

max bittle - cool stuff joe….i could've sworn i saw you in bellingham yesterday. the guy looked just like you and was on a motorcycle. i hope your cross country roller blade trip is going well. shoot me an email so that i have your address. cheers!


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