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Maple Syrup Season

It’s maple syrup season here in New Hampshire and throughout much of New England. The sap is running into lines and buckets in several local forests.

I’ve always wanted to photograph sap gathering and syrup making. Although it’s not specifically a New England activity, I’ve always associated with the northeast. The whole process from sap to syrup is really interesting. The sap will only run if there is a hard freeze and a thaw. Then, they go gather the sap, which looks like water and is a little sweet. After that, the sap is boiled down and syrup is made. It almost reminded me of a chemistry class as I watched them make the maple syrup.

I would like to thank Jim and Sue from Tamarack Farm for calling me every morning with sap updates. They were so helpful in showing me all the ins and outs of syrup making.

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