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mad to……

i just finished reading “on the road” (for the 2nd time) tonight. i feel as if i’m more mad now that i’ve dug it for the second time.

there’s no doubt in my mind that we’re all mad in one way or another. what for though? what makes us mad? am i mad for photographs? i don’t think so.

i still don’t know who i dig more, dean or sal? i dig dean for turning off the engine and coasting into a gas station in the darkness of the night, getting free gas, cigarettes, and food. but i really don’t dig him for hitting marylou.

sal is the man no if ands or butts, but will he ever find happiness…..

if you haven’t read the book this post won’t make any sense. but please read it for it is a great book.

i once saw a picture of jackie kennedy reading it on air force one. poor gal, she was born into and married wealth and fame and no opportunity. i often wonder if she ever really knew herself. i imagine her reading that book wishing that she could lived a bit more under her own terms. i don’t know much about her, but assume she had to conform a lot due to her societal status. poor gal, she could have used sal paradise!

Noah - That last scene when Sal has to leave Dean behind to walk in the cold… Gets me everytime.

Realllllly like this image. Keep up the good work dude.

max bittle - yea that's tough one to read through. he's gotta do it though. thanks for the comments and take it easy.

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