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the last time you……..

fill in the blank with anything. i’m overly sentimental all the time, especially if i know that it’s the last time.

today was a day of lasts, well maybe like temporary lasts. like the last time i had a class in the communications building. i first walked into that building when i was 18. i’ve spent so much time in that building over the past five years. it’s going to be weird not walking in there anymore.

today was also the last time i saw some of my professors. there’s one in particular that i’m so grateful for having known these past few months. today was the last day i will see him for at least 7 or 8 months.

right now is the last time i will ever type up two papers the night before they are do. while it is sort of a rush, and enjoyable at times, i doubt i’ll miss it.

tomorrow is my last day on campus as a student. wow. i’m really sad right now thinking about it. all of the sudden “life” is knocking on my front door and i have to open it.

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