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i’m trying to define home now. this happens every single time i move. my perception of home and sense of place changes like the weather. this move to bellingham is now my seventh move in three years. home will always be in southern illinois, but bellingham is where my moving train has stopped for now.

everything is walk/bike friendly and it’s incredibly green out here. i have no internet access at home now, so blog posts will be sporadic. i plan on venturing out to the mountains today. mountains and water are what make this place so beautiful. and the people of course, they all seem to be really cool and down to earth.

Anonymous - hey Max, enjoy the new life in the new land. You can drop a line w/ the contact page @ and it'll be easier to reply for me. Good times to you with the "real" job, i love checking your blog cause it's always got great energy. Cheers, joe

Anonymous - Hey Max! Case told me you called and love it there! I'm so glad. I heard something about starting a business…? Anyway I'm glad you love it. We're only a little jealous. 🙂


max bittle - joe,

awesome….i'm going to look over that when i get a chance. looks great at first glance!


i'm not sure about starting a business, but i do love it out here. it's going to be tough to ever leave. you guys need to come visit!


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