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Feeding a Baby Calf

I apologize for the lack of recent post, I’ve been getting behind lately in my archiving.

Here’s a snap from way back in 2004. It’s my little brother feeding a baby calf in the early Illinois spring. The calf had caused its mother a lot of pain during birth, causing the mother to shun the calf. Wes took on feeding responsibilities and was over there whenever “Odie” had to be fed.

Lots has change in the six years since I made this photograph (on Velvia 50 if my memory serves me right). My little brother Wes graduates this May. It’s just crazy to think that I was nearly his age when I made this picture. It’s crazy to think of how my dreams, goals, and life have change since that shutter snapped.

Photojournalism isn’t the same, it has changed in more ways than I can even comprehend. We all ran online; slideshows, videos, multimedia, and all available for free. Are things better now? With all of our new storytelling tools are we really that advanced? I struggle with the basic question of whether or not more readers are viewing our content, both online and in print, with circulations declining? Would we have been better off focusing on the print? Obviously, no one has the answers to these questions. But, they’ve been spinning in my brain lately.

John Henry - beautiful max. i’d like to see more pulls from your archive

max - Thanks John, I’ll pull some more just for you 🙂

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