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my favorite picture of the year is actually one i took last year. it’s weird i know. but it’s like the only picture to resonate with me for the past two years. that’s how little i feel like i’ve progressed. i hate it, but whatever.

my mind juggles all this crap about style and vision and content way too much. i think that’s why i like this picture. it was there and i snapped it. it’s just as simple as that. no style, tilt, or weird depth of field thing. not a complicated picture to make by any means.

i do believe in “seeing” and think that photographer’s work is going to vary from person to person. but, then there is over the top. style, vision, etc.

look at the magnum photographers that came up in the 30s 40s 50s etc, the classic photographers. their pictures are completely timeless and resonate to the human condition. then look at the “visionaries” of today and yeah, i mean they’re a photographer’s cherry pie, but i bet the average human doesn’t see what’s special about them.

all in all i guess it’s what ever cup of tea you like to drink.


katie - i like this picture too…

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