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this is a santa hat in the passenger seat of a mercury comet. i’ve always loved those cars for some reason.

i just wrote a long, coffee-fueled letter to a friend. hi a! i’m tired and writing is exhausting but so gratifying at the same time.

seriously, i could write for probably ten hours a day. just give me an open window and a gray sky. i’ll go on forever. i have to be reading though in order to write.

hopefully this vintage book store is open today. i really need a dictionary, my spelling is so atrocious (misspelled on first try).

been working on this song. over thinking a song would be the correct way of putting it. got the music down and i like it, but the words are what’s taking so long. i’ll for sure post the words when i’m done, and maybe a garage band version of the music (whether i’m singing or not is to be determined).

bye, smile, please be hopeful.


Anonymous - I always must comment on you and color. Works. Great.

You and writing, to be honest, needs some work. Tis true: you over-think it. For now, maybe try cramming less metaphors into it—conceptualism and symbolic writing is a difficult form to master, especially in your first attempts. You didn't start in photography with purely symbolic work, you started more literally until you could add more symbolism into it. Now, even in the literal aspects of your photography, you still manage to weave a sense of atmosphere and mood into it through aesthetics and interaction among subjects, which combine to create a greater whole.

Basically, start basic. Understand the literal implications of what you're writing before going into the symbolic and metaphorical ideology of it.

This is a long blog post. Epistemology! Metaphysical implications!

-Dan C.

max bittle - thanks for the comments and criticism dan. i don't really conceptualize any of my writing though. what you read is pretty much straight from my head at the moment i thought it. i don't do any editing other than spelling. stuff just triggers thoughts and i write them down, that's pretty much it. i think writing is more real that way. i love that someone has at least commented on the writing. thanks.

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