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brightness in darkness

casey and i were cruising south on route 51 a few hours before sunset this evening on our way to celia’s house for dinner with her family. there was a thunderstorm approaching as we reached the top of a hill. to the left two girls are riding horses in a well groomed field. there’s a white fence and a red barn. we’re late for dinner though and can’t stop.

the rain begins to speckle my windshield and the wipers come on. it ends only after a few minutes. turn right on a small curving road. character is everywhere in sight. old truck beds sitting in fields and and endless stream of gravel roads that snake all throughout the wilderness. i’m thinking to myself “why haven’t i come down here to photograph this land and these people?” cows fill the green, hilly pastures on both sides of the road.

we pull into town and the streets are wet from the fresh rain. the lights downtown shine poignantly against the dark blue sky. i have memories of a night shared at the pizza parlor two summers ago in this home of the appleknockers. there’ an auto repair shop, a cafe, and the high school ball players finish up their practice on the field next to the high school.

we turned outside of town and nestle our way to the house while waving to a man with a yard full of junk, he seems kind and i bet he has hours worth of enjoyable stories. now we’re on a gravel road ourselves as we edge toward our destination. there is a clearing on the left that used to be a railroad bed. we arrived to the sound of crickets harmonizing with the silence that only the countryside can offer.

casey and celia make a delicious dinner while i chat with her father stace. stace england is a songwriter who has a wide taste in music and i much enjoyed his conversation. his band has played south by southwest the past two years, i can’t imagine how cool that must be. i ended up leaving with one of his cd’s, greetings from cairo and we listened to it on the way home. it’s very diverse and enjoyable to listen to.

Alethea - Max,
Love your pictures. If you have time before you leave I would like to hire you to come to the house and take pictures of the area.
email me if you are interested.

Alethea (Celia's mom)

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