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i’m very pleased to announce that a few of my college colleagues did very well at this year’s college photographer of the year competition.

lane got third place in portfolio. which is so awesomely huge and amazing. i can’t tell you how happy i am for her. it was also nice to finally get to see all of her work from jasper. she also got an award of excellence in feature. snap!

jason also did spectacularly well. he won first place in domestic picture story. this is crazy amazing because he shot the story in like 2 or 3 visits if i remember correctly. wow. damn. it’s a beautiful story and shows crazy potential on his part. imagine.

check out lane’s work here. and jason’s here.

other friends and acquaintances did awesome too! tim gruber rocked it (like always) congrats tim. marcus yam did well (like i knew he would). matt eich (of course, he’s so amazing and inspiring and humble). josh birnbaum (seriously smart and cool dude, i guess you’re at ohio now josh?)

wow, these folks are seriously inspiring. look them up, google their names. they are the future. amazing. these names aren’t going away. the crazy thing when i think of these people is that i can only think of how hard they work.

Tim Gruber - Thanks Max. How's that typewriter treating you these days? Thinking I could use an escape from this ragged keyboard myself.

Peter Hoffman - haha yeah Josh is my roommate now (I like to think I pressured him into checking out OU, figured he should get a break from engineering), as was Marcus last year. Nice post and congrats to all you guys as well. I'm especially happy about Josh's 3rd place in Doc with his wheel chair stuff, long time coming.

max bittle - tim… jack (typewriter) hasn't seen much action these days, which translates to totally laziness on my part.

i highly recommend you go to a thrift store and pick one up though, it's therapeutic.

peter….so josh is at ou. i've been (loosely) considering applying lately.

keep it real friends…..

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