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baby bro

the baby of my family has finally turned 16. wes is one of the most unique kids i have ever seen. he has his own business and is incredibly driven. he’s got a work ethic that is just like my dad’s. they can’t sit still, but in a good way (well, most of the time).

wes is without question the most independent little guy i know. he’s always been like this. he’s the type of person that will get anything done if he puts his mind to it. i admire him for that so much. he just doesn’t take no for an answer. wes could do anything he wants and i’m positive that he’ll always be his own boss.

so here’s to you baby bro, even though we fight all the time i love ya to death.

Devin Miller - I will remember him always as the little kid "Hey Deevvan!" and then jetting off on his ATV or out to the woods. I don't think I have have ever talked to him more than a few words before he was doing something else. I think a lot of American youth his age could learn a lot about strong work ethic from your brother.

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