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steven king is like butter.

i’m reading him for the first time (what a crying shame huh? i mean, i’m almost 25) but he rocks and is so discipline in his writing and reading. amazing.

no new pictures lately, just loving life and spending countless beautiful hours with my light.

riding some kind of sunset wave……

max bittle - whoever shyly and anonymously posted this must know that i can't stand ray lamontagne……..he's so disingenuous

Anonymous - I'm not a Stephen King fan. Just, not my style. Except for Salem's Lot. Read that one multiple times, absolutely fantastic. Quite long I suppose, but worth the read if you haven't already.

Also, if you're getting into horror, try Richard Matheson if you haven't already. One of King's biggest influences. I am Legend is incredible, very different from the movie if you've not read it, and I promise you'll read that story several times in a row just to understand the differences in perspective after the first run through. I've read it I think 5 times now, and every time feels like the first: just a completely different experience each time.

-Dan C.

katie - in retrospect that ray lamontagne link is actually quite ironic. i didn't post it, but i feel like whoever did has esp. and by the way, i love ray lamontagne.

John Henry - the stand + the shining > all

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