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diversifying—important to growth

the more diverse the better.

i’ve been stuck in some musical ruts lately. spinning the same tracks over and over. wearing out cd’s and some of my favorite artists. i’m going to try and go a week without them. all new stuff.

last night i spent a lot of time listening to npr’s listeners best albums of 2008. some great stuff on there and i’m glad i heard it.

stuff i gotta get: she and him, bon iver, the raconteurs, the black keys, kings of leon, jenny lewis, and the hold steady.

i still can’t stand conor oberst and death cab though.

currently listening to lil wayne on youtube. it’s good stuff. i read the article in gq about him and even though he appeared slightly into himself, he seems like a hard worker.

i still can’t believe laura marling’s record hasn’t gotten more praise.

peter - bon iver is butter.
may i also suggest a totally different flavor in Bonobo, and another different flavor in The Bad Plus.

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