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Monthly Archives: November 2008

the march

i was at the democratic gathering when my editor called and said there was a massive march of people heading all throughout downtown bellingham. i went downtown and followed my ears to the celebration. it was a massive amount of college students marching towards red square on western washington university’s campus. i was so out […]

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the scene last night was pretty emotional. i can’t really do it justice by trying to describe it, but there was just this feeling in the air that was almost overwhelming. young and old were emotional after learning that obama won. From BLOG PICTURES

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reaction as cnn called virginia for obama. this is all for now, more to come later tonight. stay tuned……. From BLOG PICTURES

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local democrats gathered at the big hotel here in town to watch as the results streamed in. the room was crowded and it was quite the diverse group of people. From BLOG PICTURES

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election stuff

yesterday was quite the busy day. it’s seems that bloggers all over the world are talking about the election. i don’t really want to talk about the people in the election, but here there will be a healthy stream of local folks watching and celebration. started off in a bar at around 5 p.m. these […]

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i forgot what it felt like. going out into the world with an open mind and a box that only lets only my light in. it felt good. i’m glad i did it. mind unclogged by silly thoughts, expectations. waves up and down with white caps and beauty now. thanks for looking. From BLOG PICTURES

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