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the year saw a lot of stuff. it was a transitional year for sure. two good little vacations in the first few months; florida and colorado.

i didn’t work for the first half of it. i took out a loan and focused on school (lol). lots of jams and friend time.

i was completely and utterly stupid on a lot of fronts over the year (mainly dealing with girls).

lost some friends to far away places. lost a friend.

saw more friends get engaged and married. i’m trying to think of all the weddings. i missed like 5 or 6 b/c i live so far from the home (heart, soul).

my little brother can now finally legally drive. that’s a trip to see. he’s already been pulled over 5 times. way more than his older brothers, mother, and dad almost combined.

i got more flat tires this year than any other year.

improved the guitar skills, only slightly though.

moved the farthest from home that i think i could possibly do in the continental united states.

got worse as a photographer.

got more scared and confused about the future, but am hopeful as shit.

drank more coffee than i ever have.

have the cheapest rent in like 3 years.

became totally obsessed with socks.

year number 3 without owning a tv. yet i still make internet time for the office and for entourage and of course will do so when the new season of curb comes out next year.

have been blogging like a mad man. and i really get mad when my friends go so long between posts.

had one of the best fucking summers of my life thanks to my wonderful friends here in bellingham.

saw the fewest concerts in a year i have ever seen. only two i think. (big names)

it was a fun year, but kinda odd.

i don’t really have a favorite picture, album, song, yada.

foggy has been my favorite blog.

what will 2009 bring?

probably more tuxedos and flights.

John Henry - wanderers. ; )

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